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#ThanksCanada Shows Americans and Canadians are True Friends and Allies

In the wake of U.S. President Donald Trump’s bizarre and unfounded attacks on Canada at the G-7 meeting in Quebec last week, many Americans are taking to social media to apologize on behalf of their President and show Canadians how Americans really feel about their neighbors to the north. 

American music writer and critic David Wild is credited with getting #ThanksCanada started, pointing out all of the things Canada has given the world that he loves. Wild named musicians Joni Mitchell, Neli Young and Leonard Cohen among others.

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nicholas Burns reminded social media readers that “Canada spirited four American hostages out of Iran in 1979, welcomed thousands of stranded U.S. airline passengers on 9/11, has our back in every war, shares the world’s longest undefended border with us and a symbiotic North American economy. THE best neighbour we could have.”

Here are some my favourites from #ThanksCanada:

 Carrie TuckerPollard, @MsBrnEyes55

#ThanksCanada You welcomed us with open arms when we wanted to marry and could not in the US.

 Reece Sealock, @LaughOutProud
#ThanksCanada and @JustinTrudeau for everything you do!  You are a fantastic leader of an incredible country and MANY Americans love you guys!  So sorry for the puerile and foolish actions of our current leader.  Our next leader will be an improvement, we promise.

Brandon Reynolds, @BranReynolds48

9/11/11 Gander Canada , 38 civilian and 4 military flights bound for the United States were ordered to land at this airport, they took care of More than 6,600 people 66 percent of the local population , locals volunteered to house, feed, and entertain the travellers #ThanksCanada

 Jorts O'Malley, @JortsOMalley

I went to Calgary and saw a memorial to Canadian servicemembers. There were names from every conflict in which they’ve been involved. In nearly all cases, they were there aiding the USA. There was a wall with names from Iraq and Afghanistan. #ThanksCanada

 Natasha Fatale #ProtectDreamers, instinctnaturel

Replying to @Wildaboutmusic @Neilyoung and discovery insulin, mapping visual cortex, creating new way of mutating organisms, discovering structure & geometry of free radicals, invention of CCD chip, develop computerized weather forecasting systems, develop of the Ricker curve, theory of plate tectonics #ThanksCanada

 Larry P. Vellequette, @LarryVellequett

This American #ThanksCanada for making fairness and politeness a national virtue; for @hockeynight; for @kdlang; for @Vancouver and @windsor, @Ottawa and @Toronto; for the @CBC & @CBCTheNational; and mostly  for all of my Canadian friends.

 Becky Norman, @BeekerKing

#ThanksCanada for a husband with a heart of gold (who isn't obsessed with guns!); free basic healthcare for all; for an open mind and willingness to embrace other cultures; for a humble and helping spirit; and for welcoming me 25+ years ago as one of your own.

 Even some Canadian’s got in on the action, mostly to correct misinformation spread by the Trump and his team regarding trade with Canada.

 Adam Medeiros, @adzmedieros

Even though I’m Canadian, I’ll add to this so that everyone gets their facts straight…#ThanksCanada for being the American’s largest export market with Canada buying $48 billion of cars and trucks, $64 billion of machinery and equipment and $23 billion in agricultural products!

 While Canadians generally go about their business and eschew praise for simply trying to be good people, it is wonderful to hear from our long-time friends and allies south of the border.  In typical Canadian fashion, we say “Thank You” for your kind words and thoughts.

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