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Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winnipeg is the capital city of Manitoba, Canada’s central province and the gateway to the Prairies to the west.  With a metropolitan area population of 760,000, Winnipeg is also the largest city in Manitoba and the seventh largest urban centre in Canada. 

Affectionately known as "Winterpeg" for its frosty winters, residents of the city will tell you that the beautiful summers more than compensate for the occasional deep freeze.  And with so many events and activities occuring year-round, who has time to feel cold?

Winnipeg offers a mix of late 19th Century architecture and modern office towers in a friendly yet business-minded community.

Fast Facts

  • Winnipeg is located at the longitudinal centre of Canada, making it a great hub for national, North American and global business.
  • Despite its cold winters, Winnipeg has long, sunny and warm summers.
  • Winnipeg is a cultural hotspot, offering international-level ballet, opera and theatre to local audiences.
  • Winnipeg is one of Canada's most historically-significant cities.
  • Winnipeg is one of the best places in Canada to find employment opportunities.

Getting Down to Business

Winnipeg possesses one of the most diversified economies among Canada’s cities.  Major employment sectors include aerospace, finance and insurance, transportation, agri-business, information technology, furniture and apparel industries.  Winnipeg's strong financial sector and is home to some of Canada’s largest insurance company headquarters and investment firms. 

The manufacturing sector spans multiple industries, from agriculture, agri-food and farm equipment, to furniture, plastics and aerospace components.  Over half of the farm equipment manufactured in Canada originates in Manitoba.  Located close to the longitudinal centre of North America, Winnipeg is a leading transportation hub as well – the largest between Toronto to the east and Vancouver on the west coast. 

Winnipeg possesses a skilled labour force, many of whom transition from the strong college and university programs in the city.  Over 70,000 students attend these programs annually and even have the option to study in French at Université de Saint-Boniface.

The city has been recognized repeatedly as one of the top 21 Smart Cities in the world based on its adoption of broadband technology for economic and social development.  It is also one of the most affordable big cities in Canada to purchase a home or lease office space - a perfect combination for budding entrepreneurs and start-up companies.

Recreation and Outdoors

Winnipeg is a family-friendly city with abundant activities for outdoor enthusiasts of any age.  Sports fans can cheer on the professional ice hockey team (Winnipeg Jets), the professional American football team (Winnipeg Blue Bombers), hit the running and skiing trails for a workout, or enjoy numerous opportunities for water sports. 

Winnipeg also offers more than two dozen golf courses to enjoy during its beautiful spring, summer and fall months. 

Arts, Culture and Social Scene

The city possesses a colourful and historic urban core, including one of North America’s most extensive displays of late 19th Century architecture in the Exchange District National Historic Site. It is also home to the Winnipeg Art Gallery, the Manitoba Museum and the Royal Canadian Mint

Winnipeg is a cultural hotbed and offers locals and visitors Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet, the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, the Manitoba Opera, the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre and Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers. 

The Forks National Historic Site is a favourite destination in the heart of Winnipeg.  Enjoy diverse dining and entertainment options, shopping or a river walk at the junction of the Assiniboine and Red Rivers.

The city has a rich First Nation and Métis connection that is evident in daily life as well as cultural and spiritual events throughout the year.

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