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Calgary Business Real Estate Starts Strong in 2018

It looks like Calgary’s economy is firing on all cylinders again after a couple of years of challenges.  Commercial and residential real estate is gaining strength, as is the industrial sector according to a recent article in Business in Calgary.

According to the article, industrial real estate occupancy is growing fast and creating jobs as it grows. This includes 750 new jobs at a new Amazon distribution facility in Balzac, on the periphery of Alberta’s largest city.  It also includes large investments and facility expansions by Lowes and Canadian Tire.  Occupancy in 50,000 square foot to 600,000 square foot range is encouraging developers as well, leading to growth in the construction sector.

Good news for the economy; however Calgary is more than a one-trick pony when it comes to business.  It has a truly diversified economy to complement the high quality of life it is known to offer residents.  Situated in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains with a population just over one million people, Calgary is a great place to live, start a business, invest in a business or visit.

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