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Merrickville-Wolford, Ontario

Merrickville-Wolford is a unique and vibrant Victorian village and surrounding rural region situated along the historic Rideau Canal (a UNESCO World Heritage site). The community is located less than an hour’s drive from Ottawa, the capital of Canada.  It is also less than an hour’s drive to the U.S.-Canada border.

Fast Facts

  • Merrickville-Wolford has been officially proclaimed as Canada’s Most Beautiful Village by Communities in Bloom.
  • Merrickville-Wolford has more designated heritage buildings than any other Ontario community of the same size and population.
  • Merrickville population is over 2800 people.
  • Merrickville-Wolford is a popular weekend getaway on the historic and beautiful Kingston-Ottawa Rideau Heritage Route.

Getting Down to Business

Merrickville-Wolford has transitioned from traditional agricultural and rural products and services economy to a modern service-based economy. An estimated sixty-one per cent (61%) of regional employment was concentrated in the services sectors compared to fifty-four per cent (54%) for the entire province of Ontario. Manufacturing and retail accounted for a total of twenty-one per cent (21%) compared to 25% provincially.

Merrickville provides opportunities for commuters working in Ottawa, as well as home-based business professionals and self-employed entrepreneurs seeking to balance professional success with a laid-back pastoral lifestyle. An estimated forty-one per cent (41%) of the workforce works in the municipality compared to fifty-six per cent (56%) provincially.

Opportunities for business growth exist in the tourism sector, products and services (including residences) for aging populations, low-impact manufacturing and other low-impact businesses and agri-business products and services.  The rural ward of Wolford is experiencing growth in organics and healthy food options as Canadians seek alternatives for healthier lifestyle choices.

Arts, Culture and Social Scene

Merrickville is known for its boutiques and artists’ studios, as well as the unique, custom items crafted local artists and artisans.  Urban dwellers drive from the capital city of Ottawa for day trips and weekend visits, wandering the tranquil streets and admiring the historic architecture of Merrickville.  In addition to the shops, Merrickville is home to fine spas, restaurants and tourist accommodations, such as Bed and Breakfasts.

Recreation and Outdoors

There are a number of walking and hiking trails in and around the historic village of Merrickville.  These include strolls through peaceful streets exploring the heritage buildings and natural beauty of the village.  Nature lovers can follow a trail that loops through both the natural and historical built environment, enjoying the flora and fauna, including great blue herons, osprey, painted turtles, and 100 year-old cedar forests.

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